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NEW - now offering  Training and Assessment  to NMAS

Take control - learn essential skills to manage conflict

One Pacific offers Conflict Resolution Skills Training based on

proven mediation skills, knowledge and ethics in a safe environment.


Our training provides you the confidence to apply the skills to situations

that can arise daily in the workplace, home and in the community

without the heartache of going to Court or escalation to violence.


 As we believe 'culture' in the workplace or among family are important aspects of life  

Therefore,  we contextualise the training to incorporate established protocols

in your workplace, your organisational vision or your important community culture .

Our associates have collectively trained hundreds of people

who have gone on to apply the skills to do extraordinarily things across the world and

are ready to up-skill you.

Conflict management Skills for Busy Managers

One Pacific offers Conflict Resolution Skills Training based on proven mediation skills and techniques that can be applied in the workplace, home, organisations and in the community without the heartache of escalation and loss of productivity

Conflict First Aid - one day workshop
Conflict First Aid is a One Pacific original program that will give you the necessary skills to diffuse conflict safely without delay. This practical based intensive program may save your workplace, organisations or the  community.

Based on the award winning training developed over 10 years.

This training is offered in Aboriginal communities promoting community safety, leadership, culturally effective practices.

Designed by Aboriginal trainers this program covers strategies for identifying conflict, methods of dealing with conflict and designing community dispute resolution responses

Professional Development - Coaching to NMAS CPD requirements

Our trainers have NMAS assessment experience know what it takes to meet the required skills, knowledge and ethical understanding to become a professional mediator and meet ongoing CPD requirements.

Coaching is available for professional mediators, legal practitioners, corporate executives, educators, academics, young people, correctional centre staff, CALD stakeholders and police officers to the NMAS standards.

NMAS Training and Assessment - National Standards

The intensive workshop meets the requirements under National Mediation Accreditation Standards.

One Pacific is a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body and offers flexible learning options who want to learn and apply the skills, knowledge and ethical underpinnings to be an accredited mediator.

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