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Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO)

The Office of the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman responds to requests for assistance from operators of small businesses and family enterprises who may be in dispute with parties such as clients, other businesses or Commonwealth government agencies.


One Pacific Mediators are accredited by ASBEO that specailses in developing alternatives and options from costly litigation


Our Restorative Engagement Experts offer a discreet facilitation service for victims of institutional abuse and organisations seeking cultural change.


Accredited under the elite Commonwealth Ombudsman (Former Defence Abuse Task Force) we work on the principle of physical, emotional and cultural safety and 'doing no further harm'

Also accredited in South Australia by DCP and NIAA

Member of VARJ National Redress Scheme (NRS)
Panel of Convenors

Railway Tracks
Professional Development

With over 30 years of coaching, training and assessing for:

Resolution Institute (LEADR)

Australian Disputes Center

Attorney General Department

Law Society


Aboriginal Corporations

Supreme Court

Tribunals and Commissions

Our team of experts are able to deliver dispute resolution skills and support ad initio and ongoing professional development practitioners

Native Title

One Pacific's associates are accredited by various organisations, including the Federal Court of Australia, and are on the Native Title Mediation Panel.


Additionally, they are culturally attuned experts with a deep understanding of cultural and economic issues, which allows them to provide effective and culturally sensitive solutions for their clients.

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