Conflict First Aid

Learn more about the free 5 step conflict first aid for first responders that you can apply now.

With digital communication, conflict can be viral and it's only a matter of time before the infection becomes worse.


Apply now  - just as with medical first responders the earlier the treatment the better chance of full recovery


Family Crisis

Family Group 



Our culturally attuned practitioners are ready to build strategies to de-escalate conflict in a safe, confidential space.

We make sure you have a say in the outcome you can live with.

Areas of speciality:

Mix culture families

Trauma Informed Facilitation

LGBTI+ (separation, coming out)


Extended Aboriginal family group conferencing 




One Pacific practitioners are trusted experts in restoring peace to communities following intra-family, intra-clan disputes.


As trauma informed facilitators we are able to talk to all sides including people who are incarcerated and monitor social media that can inflame the situation rapidly.

One Pacific experts deal with all sides including the police with respect and integrity. 

Restorative Justice

and Engagement

You are not the fault

You do not have to lower your self to violent retribution or resort to 'payback'

We create safe spaces for victims of crime, Aboriginal  families and victims of institutional abuse to really have their say opportunity to heal and regain their control.

Our accredited practitioners have brought together maximum security prisoners, clients of mental health institutions, Aboriginal  families and perpetrators come together  to restore individual, family and community honour in a safe, confidential setting.