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Ippei Okazaki - Senior Consultant

Ippei is an award winning mediator with a career has taken him to all corners of Australia dealing with some of the most vulnerable clients in various settings including prisons, mental health institutions , victims institutional abuse and communities following riots.

He has a solid background in community and Court annexed mediation and usually deals with the most complex disputes where  many people are involved or public reputation is at risk.

Ippei is an member of the Native Title, Commonwealth Ombudsman and Intellectual Property Australia mediation panel and currently serves on the National Mediation Conference Board 

Helen Bishop - Aboriginal Mediator / Trainer

Over the past 25 years Helen’s focus has been in social justice, specialising in Indigenous alternative dispute resolution, and in non-adversarial justice responses, such as Aboriginal Community Justice Councils (QLD) particularly enabling Indigenous responses to law and justice matters.


Her practical experience in working with Indigenous peoples in remote and urban contexts flows from her role as the WA State Manager for Aboriginal Alternative Dispute Resolution Services that lead to her representing Indigenous interests at her appointment by the Federal Attorney as a member of the National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council (NADRAC). She was the Convener of the body’s Indigenous Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management Project.  She was an Indigenous consultative group member with the Federal Court of Australia’s Indigenous Dispute Resolution & Conflict Management Case Study Project, 2009 and a Mediator with the Right People for Country Project, 2011 – 13.


Underpinning Helen’s experience as a researcher, she has published a number of papers exploring dispute resolution and theorising ADR’s practical use in working with Aboriginal people and communities.


Her ongoing work in this field involves Nationally Accredited training with the N.T. Community Justice Centre facilitating training with Ponki Mediators at Bathurst and Melville Islands. Helen holds a BA in Aboriginal Studies and an MA in Conflict Resolution and has commenced her PhD journey. 

Maureen Abbott Senior Aboriginal Consultant
Maureen is an Aboriginal dispute resolution expert and a senior elder from the Western  Arrernte Luritja (Owen Springs) region in Central Australia. She has conducted mediation training across the Northern Territory and the APY lands in SA.
Maureen also managed an innovative Family Group Mediation Conferencing program involving vulnerable children and the  Department of Children and Family to mediate, design, develop and implement complex, multi-party family plans that incorporate important family relationships, culture, and protocols. 
Madhu Panthee Remote Community Dispute Resolution Expert
Madhu is a dispute resolution specialist  with expertise in high conflict and post-riot negotiations. Previously embedded in Yuendumu community as the Mediation Coordinator he has the ability to work with elders, police, schools, prisoners, young people and community stakeholders to manage conflict before escalation. His current project follow #alicurungnt on facebook
Rhys Jaconley Remote Community Mediation Expert

Rhys Jaconley is a conflict mediator, Family violence practitioner, and business management consultant that is passionate about getting groups and families working together well. he had a crash course in complex human relations during a two-year post to you when to move where he practiced as a mediation and justice coordinator. Since then he has established himself as an authority and effective communication, organisational justice and high trust processes for groups. 


Rhys helps the people he works with by helping them recognise the choices they have to act on in every situation, and guiding them towards effective decision making. He also creates longevity and sustainability by embedding the skills within the groups it works with, so that the group can keep up a healthy culture of effective conflict management without the need for ongoing intervention. 

To follow his current project follow #tennantcreekpeace on facebook

Linx MacPherson - Senior Trainer (Cert IV TAE)
Remote Community Mediation Expert

Linx is an expert in innovative solutions to complex conflict problems in the community mediation arena working with the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in volatile situations in Central Australia and the APY lands.


Linx describes herself as a peacemaker; with a calm and confident leadership style she helps clients navigate complex decision-making during times of conflict, change and competing interests.

Her vision is to build community capacity to deescalate conflict without violence by respond to conflict in a way that aligns culture, values and solid governance. 

Her work as as a community mediator has helped communities to engage more effectively with stakeholders in complex, volatile and multiparty environments. 


All accredited NMAS (National Mediator Accreditation System) must have access to a complaints mechanism that covers their dispute resolution services, and they are obliged to provide information about their complaints process before providing dispute resolution services.

If you wish to make a complaint about your experience with an accredited dispute resolution practitioner, you should directly raise your complaint with the practitioner in the first instance.

Complaints about a mediator will only be accepted and investigated within 28 days of the mediation session being held. Matters submitted outside of this time period will not be considered.


If you make a complaint about a practitioner, any personal information you provide will be collected for the purposes of identifying you as the complainant. If it is deemed necessary, your personal information and the substance of your complaint may be passed to the practitioner concerned in order for them to respond to the issues raised.

We will not disclose your personal information to anyone not named in the complaint. If you do not provide suitable identifying information we will not take action on your complaint.

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