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Welcome to the first Nations Dispute Resolution Training


One Pacific's First Nations Dispute Resolution Training is designed to provide professional development opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders and those seeking to learn practical skills in dispute resolution.


The training is led by experienced Indigenous community mediators who are considered experts in trauma-informed and culturally competent practices. Our trainers are elders within their communities and have extensive knowledge of lateral violence, governance and community decision-making, and the interaction between culture and important relationships. Our past clients include Elders and TOs, Land Councils, Night Patrols, Health Care Organizations, Education, Corrections, Police, and Law and Justice Groups. Reports from our past training projects are available for purchase.

Our trainers are elders within their community who have been embedded in communities on peacekeeping projects in Yuendumu, Ali Curung, Tiwi Islands, Mornington Is, APY Lands, Alice Springs, Arhenem Land, Gunbulanya, Tennant Creek, Darwin, Katherine, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney and Timor Leste.

They have deep knowledge of lateral violence and deep knowledge of Governance and community decision making and the interaction with important relationships and culture provide strength   

Our past clients include

Elders and TO's who continue to offer insight into how they applied their skills as part of our ongoing training projects

Land Councils

Night Patrols

Health Care Organisations




Law and Justice Groups

Reports are available for purchase


Our training programs are designed to meet the needs of the communities and organisations we serve.

Our team of award-winning Aboriginal mediators has extensive experience in conflict resolution and works closely with communities to ensure that training is culturally appropriate and delivered in the local language.

Our programs are also based on the latest research and are constantly updated to reflect changing needs and best practices in the field.

Whether you are looking to develop your skills in conflict resolution or build capacity within your organisation,

One Pacific can help.

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