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Prestigious Australian Disputes Centre Award to Ippei Okazaki 24 March 2024 At the 8th National Australian Disputes Centre Gala Award night on Gardigal Country (Sydney NSW)- Ippei Okazaki was awarded the prestigious Community Mediator of the Year Award by the Australian Disputes Centre (ADC). This recognition is not just a personal achievement but a testament to the collective efforts of all those involved in fostering harmony and resolution within our communities. Ippei extended his heartfelt gratitude to the Uniting Communities Law Centre, a member of Community Legal Centres (South Australia), for their trust and support to facilitate crucial meetings addressing the challenges faced by communities affected by climate change-induced natural disasters. "These gatherings often navigate through pre-existing conflicts that can hinder the recovery process, and I am honoured for the opportunity to contribute to their resolution." Ippei also thanked to the elders and community leaders across South Australia who have invited him to assist in uniting efforts and participating in long-term initiatives aimed at "building back better." Their wisdom and guidance have been invaluable in our journey towards collective healing and resilience. Ippei Okazaki is the principal consultant of One Pacific Dispute Resolution and also mediates for an esteemed Charitable organisation at Uniting Communities Mediation Service that provides free mediation services for priority clients across South Australia. Ends For further media information contact: Ippei Okazaki Principal Consultant 1300 110 010


ADR & Mediation Chamber 2023 Australasian Lawyer and NZ Lawyer’s Service Provider Awards. Best Legal Tech and Legal Service Providers in Australia and New Zealand Service Provider Awards 2023 "demonstrated their importance to a high-functioning and top-performing law sector, with these factors noted by industry experts as crucial:"


​MULTIPLE AWARDS FOR NT PEACEKEEPING PROJECTS - 5th National AUSTRALIAN DISPUTEC CENTRE AWARDS​​MEDIA RELEASE 14 November 2020 NT based mediation projects took out major awards at the 5th National Australian Disputes Centre 2020 Gala Award night held 13 November 2020 via a virtual event. Principal consultant Mediator Ippei Okazaki and his team was awarded the Community Mediation Project of the Year award for the work conducted across remote regional communities across Northern Territory (ALi Curung, Tennant Creek) and APY lands. Mr Okazaki’s 2 colleagues Madhu Panthee and Rhys Jaconley jointly won the Community Mediator of the Year for their work in remote NT. At the same event Marius Puruntatameri from Tiwi Island collected the award for the Ponki Mediation on Tiwi Island​Ippei Okazaki said “it’s a great achievement and recognition of the work to enable the communities resolve conflict before escalation” he also said “the elders in the community were key to this success where once 40% of the families left a remote community from NT and ended up in exile have resolved their differences and now have return to their homes living in peace – even the community footy team has enough players in Ali Curung "​Mediators operate across remote regional communities and have led to ways resolving complex intra-family disputes. Mr Okazaki and his team of Aboriginal trauma informed mediation trainers also provide training, mentorship and conduct prison visits to discuss with perpetrators come up with a realistic plan without violence after incarceration.  ​Ippei Okazaki is the principal consultant of One Pacific Dispute Resolution that are considered to be experts in trauma informed mediation specialised in remote communities- his mediators operating across SA, NT, Far North Queensland and Perth​EndsFor further media information contact:Ippei Okazaki Principal Consultant 1300110 010​

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