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Commercial, HR and 
Business Disputes

Cost-Effective Dispute Resolution: Business disputes can take a toll on your finances, productivity, and time. If the cost of going to court is too much, consider a confidential, cost-effective, and speedy solution with One Pacific.


Our out-of-court settlements offer a safe and risk-free alternative to resolve your situation efficiently

Intellectual Property

Specialised IP Dispute Mediation: Need an accredited mediator for your intellectual property disputes? Look no further.

At One Pacific, our practitioners specialise in a range of IP disputes, including music, performing arts, visual arts, manuscripts, innovation, and Aboriginal art and fonts.

All of our practitioners are accredited by Intellectual Property Australia, ensuring a high level of expertise in IP dispute resolution.


Get unstuck and find a resolution with One Pacific


Conflict Resolution for Productive Teams: Talented and diverse groups can bring great ideas, but they can also lead to conflict.


At One Pacific, we believe that conflict can be productive when handled properly.


Our experienced facilitators are neutral parties who can help your organization or business resolve disputes and get back on track.


Trust us to help you focus on what truly matters

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