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Commercial, HR and 
Business Disputes

Business disputes can impact financially, can reduce productivity and can drag on unnecessarily.

If  the burden of going to Court is going to cost too much, we offer safe, cost effective, speedy and risk-free opportunity to resolve this situation confidentially.

Intellectual Property

Looking for an  accredited mediator specialising in IP disputes that are ready to get things unstuck?

Areas of specialty:
Music / performing arts
Visual Arts

Aboriginal Art / Fonts

Our practitioners are accredited under Intellectual Property Australia


When talented and diverse groups function together they produce rich and creative ideas.


Yet, the same process can also result in conflict and tension. It is our belief that conflict is a necessary and useful part of life when handled productively.

Some times it takes some one without baggage to help organisations  break the impasse.

Our highly experienced facilitators are people who you can trust to can help your organisation or your business back on track so you can get on with the important things

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