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NMAS Mediation Training 


The One Pacific  NMAS Mediation Training is designed for individuals who are keen to add mediation to their professional skill set.


Those involved in advising clients, managing staff, facilitating planning and decision-making or in handling disputes in commercial, government, and/or not-for-profit or community sectors.


Nationally Accredited Mediators come from a wide range of professions including lawyers, managers, human resource personnel, industrial relations experts, healthcare practitioners, educators, counselors, coaches, conciliators and community engagement professionals.

To satisfy the NMAS requirements, a mediation training course must be a minimum of 38 hours. The Nationally Accredited Mediator Training Program is comprised of minimum of 5 days of intensive workshop, together with online preparatory reading.

In the workshop, attendees will build on the knowledge gained from the online material by developing mediation skills through role-play and practice under the supervision and guidance of accredited mediation professionals.

The National Mediation Assessment is comprised of assessment and assessed on your ability to mediate a common dispute in one role-play.

For information about NMAS see a short video that summaries how to become a NMAS mediator on the Mediator Standards Board website click here 

NMAS requires all candidates be provided the assessment form prior to the conduct of the assessment. This form is included if you register for the full workshop.



A checklist for original application for NMAS for people who have completed training through One Pacific in the PDF document below. This form is included if you register for video assessment

Once you have been approved as a NMAS mediator you will need to meet renewal requirements every 2 years - One Pacific NMAS renewal form (word) below. This form is included for mediators accredited by One Pacific.

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